Q: What is Collagen and Elastin?
A: Collagen and Elastin are the two main components of our skin. Collagen is the primary component of our body’s connective tissue. It consists of 80% of the dermis, which is the second layer of our skin. It is also the skins most prominent moisturizing element. As we age though, our skin loses its vitality and the collagen fibers become thin and slowly dry out. This process can begin as early as when we are in our mid to late twenties. Elastin enables our skin to stretch and bounce back. It is a natural component to collagen.

Q: What are the benefits of adding Collagen and Elastin to my skincare routine?
A: The benefits of elastin include- Enhancing moisture and elasticity in your skin. Improving skin tone, firmness and tightness. Combined with collagen, it fortifies the skin, and it is excellent for calming and reducing redness. The benefits of collagen include- Delaying formation of wrinkles. Promotes skin vibrancy and clarity. Increases skins ability to retain moisture. Collagen can hold up to 8X its weight in water. Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Tightens the pores.

Q: There are many different types of Collagen on the market, why Clayton Shagal Collagen?
A: Purest form of collagen ever extracted, that is medical grade and 99% pure. -18 years of scientific research before getting put on the market. -Molecule is live and the perfect size, shape and weight to penetrate as deep as an injection without the injection

Q: How do I use the Collagen and Elastin products?
A: It all depends on whether you cleanse your skin once or twice per day. Once a day Instructions (Alternating Collagen & Elastin product): Cleanse your skin thoroughly (with a cleanser) and let dry. Washing your face with water, bar soap, or with a damp facecloth does not count as cleansing; you need to use a cleanser. Next, make sure your skin is completely dry before applying; otherwise the product will not penetrate as deep as an injection. Apply a pea-sized amount to your fingertips and dot across your entire face from your forehead down to your neck including inside your eye contour. Then, any excess can be massaged gently followed by a pinching motion across face for deeper penetration. It should take less than 30 seconds for the product to penetrate into your skin, otherwise you have used too much.Twice a day Instructions (Elastin in the morning, Collagen at night) Cleanse your skin thoroughly (with a cleanser) and let dry. Next, make sure your skin is completely dry before applying product. Apply a pea-sized amount to your fingertips and dot across your entire face from your forehead down to your neck including inside your eye contour. Any excess can be massaged gently, followed by a pinching motion for deeper penetration. Remember, Elastin in the morning and Collagen at night. Collagen must be used at night due to the molecule being more complex than the elastin, and the boost of moisture works better when your skin is regenerating while you are asleep.

Q: Why does the skin have to be completely dry?
A: Water molecules are much larger than collagen and elastin molecules. -Will block the product from penetrating as deep as an injection.

Q: When can I apply my moisturizer and other facial products I own?
A: After cleansing, and applying collagen or elastin gels and serums. -Any product under the gels or serums will prevent it from penetrating properly.

Q: Can I apply a toner after using the collagen and elastin products?
A: No, this will wipe away the product. -Alternative solution is to purchase a cleanser with a toner in it. -Toner is important because it balances the PH of your skin. -Clayton Shagal Gel lotion cleanser is a 3 in 1 makeup remover, cleanser and toner. -It is for all skin types, and especially great for people with oily skin.

Q: Will my skin develop any reactions from using the collagen and elastin?
A: There is no way you can have an allergic reaction, however, if your skin is weak, and cannot handle the positive changes that the products are trying to achieve, your skin may respond too quickly and symptoms may occur. -Elastin side effects include dryness, redness and flakiness -Collagen side effects include breakouts due to toxins purging from the skin -If any of these side effects occur while using either Collagen or Elastin: Discontinue use for a few days, and then only use once per week, for a few weeks, then twice per week for the next few weeks, to allow your skin to strengthen more slowly.

It is very uncommon for any sort of adverse response to occur. The ingredients in these products are so active, that sometimes the positive changes can be postponed, as the skin cannot transform at the rate the products are stimulating it.

Clayton Shagal’s 99% pure extracted collagen supplies the skin with soluble collagen to improve skin hydration and restore skin vitality.

Skin Care Tips


Begin and end the day with cleansing using one of the gentle cleansers for your skin type to remove make up and free the skin from the impurities and toxic buildup of the day? Clayton Shagal pH-neutral Cleansers perform as a dual-action makeup remover and cleanser.

Essential Nutrients

Start with the basics and build from there. Strengthen the skin’s foundation – namely Collagen, an integral part of the skin which loses its youthful vitality with age or damage due to life-style changes, sun exposure, dehydration or smoking. use Collagen and Elastin Gels best suited for your skin type and our serums for an added boost.


Throughout our lives skin is affected by hormonal changes and responds to active ingredients in a product. Pay attention to how your skin responds to a moisturizer. Clayton Shagal offers a wide range of moisturizers suitable for all skin types and conditions.